Sunday, December 6, 2009

Line lesson 2 : Turtle

After we learn previous post, i told the kids that we're gonna make this lovely turtle full of line.
First we draw a big turtle. I'm not let the kids to use pencil, so they can draw it carefully, cos they know once they made a mistake, thay cant erase it. Then we make turtle shell, and fill it with various line that they recently learn. I get this idea from here.

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Line lesson

Since i teach the artpool, i realize i never teach this lesson to the kids. I think learning to make a line is very important for kids. They will know various line like zigzag, curly, diagonal, etc. And oh i got this really cool lesson from here. First, the kid think that this lesson gonna be bored them. But when they know they will color it with watercolor they get excited. After i teach this lesson, i make a turtle full of lines. Read my next post. :)

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Owl collage

This project is simple to make. Get the kids tear origami paper into long strips and then small squares. Draw an owl, a big one. Next, glue it onto paper. I got this idea from here.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Little mermaid and her friends

I think, everygirl assuredly like mermaid. Just like i did ^_^
These 2 cute girls, begging me to teach them draw a mermaid, with her prince off course :D
So i make this prince and princess mermaid as a puppet. I cut in the middle paper and add a stick to the mermaid.

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Flip Flop

I got this really cute idea from here. To make this craft you will need :
* thin cardboard
* pipe cleaner

1. Trace kids flip flop onto cardboard, then cut out.
2. Paint the flip flop.
3. Poke 3 hole in each flipflop
4. Twist the pipe cleaner underside the flipflop. To make sure its strong, i add scotch tape.

Have a nice try.. :)

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Little mermaid

When i ask the kids, what they want to draw they answered "i want to draw under the sea".
So i made this cute stationery case with under the sea picture. All the girls like to draw mermaid. But there's one boy who doesnt like a girly thing so he draw a shrimp.

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We're making city landscape. And make it like a desk calendar.
You will need:
*construction paper
*oil pastel

1. Draw a various square as a building. Add a window, a door and a roof in each square. Now they already draw the buildings.
2. Draw the sky. You can draw clouds, sun or a moon.
3. Cut out the buildings and clouds.
4. Before we glue the buildings. Get another paper, fold it to 3 part (like a desk calendar).
5. After that, glue them to the paper.

And voila.. now we have a city landscape. And we can place it on daddy desk. :)

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Saturday, October 10, 2009


This week is our Independence Day.. "Indonesia Merdeka" yeaa..."
So i tell the kids, that today we're gonna make a flag, although we're not making our flag country :p , but i tell the kids to draw their own flag. They are really excited. :)

After they make their own flag, we glued to strings, so they can hang their own flag at their room. And they're so proud of it... :0)

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Handprint : rabbit & tree

Who doesnt like rabbit. I'm sure every kids love rabbit. When they ask me what are we going to do today, i answered "today we're gonna make rabbit & tree handprint" and they say "yeaayyy".. :D
Besides making rabbit & tree handprint, we also make a fingerprint. We make flowers with red color. The place is messy when we make this. So, it needs a little patience.. :D

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Thank you so much for
Story time and more
for giving me this honest scrap award

The "honest scrap award"
requires me to tell my readers
10 things about me that they may or may not know,
but are true and then pass it on to 10 more blogs

Here's my 10 tidbits about me:
1. I love everything bout kids
2. This"honest scrap"is my first award
3. My favourite movie ever is little mermaid
4. I collect children book, even i dont have a kids
5. I have an artpool every saturday & sunday
6. I also teach my kinders
7. Next month, i'll open kids rental book too :)
8. I graduated from textiles college
9.Me & my boyfriend, had a business together
10. I love everything bout disneyland
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Face Paperplate

This sunday, we're making face paperplate.
First colour the paperplate with watercolour.Draw the eye,nose and mouth. Before kiddos draw the face, i ask them "how do you feel today?" everyone says happy. So they draw a smiley face. To make hair, cut yarn about 10 inches and glued the yarn on to paperplate.

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How to draw a Cow

Today we learn how to draw a cow. I'm inspired by this site. The kids really enjoy while they learn how to draw a cow. It's very easy. Hope your kids enjoy to draw this, just like my pupil. :D

Today we learn how to draw a cow. I'm inspired by this site. Pin It

Bunny Face

"Bunny Face"

This week we make bunny face.
First, colour the background using watercolour. While wait till it dry, kids draw a bunny face and colour it with crayon. Next, cut the bunny face and stick onto background.
Kids love to hang their art in their room, so i decided to cut origami paper and stick at paper side so it will look like a frame.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rainbow Fish & Fish ice cream

Rainbow fish and Fish ice cream

Today we make rainbow fish and fish ice cream..
I'm inspired by this lovely blog.
To make this cute craft, you will need:
origami paper, ice cream stick, watercolour.

Draw a fish and cut out the middle of it. I cut it very carefully cos the kids draw too small.
Colour the paper for background and glued strips of origami paper to cover the entire fish cut out. While waiting the paper to dry, we make a fish ice cream. Kids really excited when they hear "fish ice cream". They coloured the cut out fish and add a stick.

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