Sunday, June 14, 2009

Colourful jellyfish

This week i made a jellyfish..

You will need:
* plastic cup
* wool yarn
* tempera paint

1. Colour the plastic glass.

2. Cut wool yarn. In order to flattened yarn, i cut carton and roll the wool yarn.

3. Put wool yarn onto cellophane tape. Alternating the colour.

4. Glued the yarn inside plastic glass.

5. Add the eye...

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Great job on the jellyfish! Your craft ideas are really fun!


Amber, Kids Craft Weekly
Oh Wow! Your Jellyfish have character! I love them! We did coffee filter jellyfish but we may have to try making yours!
Very nice! I've also done the coffee filter jelly fish, but these look like such fun!
So cute! They look like a lot of fun.
I have never seen those. That is a great jelly fish. Love it!!

Thanks for sharing with Friday Showcase!!!
So cute! I think my girls would love this. The weather hasn't been too beachy here. Hopefully it will be soon. In the meantime we can make this craft!
I posted our version today!
so cute my kids will love this!

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