Sunday, June 14, 2009

I heart pensil case

" I heart pencil case"

You will need:
* used box
* contruction paper
* paint

1. Covered box with white colour.

2. Cut hearts shape.

3. Stick heart shape onto box.

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3 cute duckling

I made this simple little duck..

You will need:
* eggshell
* crepe paper/tissue paper
* paper
* crayon

1. Clean eggshell.
2. Draw a duckling.
3. Cut crepe paper.
4. Put crepe paper and duckling into eggshell.

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Colourful jellyfish

This week i made a jellyfish..

You will need:
* plastic cup
* wool yarn
* tempera paint

1. Colour the plastic glass.

2. Cut wool yarn. In order to flattened yarn, i cut carton and roll the wool yarn.

3. Put wool yarn onto cellophane tape. Alternating the colour.

4. Glued the yarn inside plastic glass.

5. Add the eye...

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Cute little bag

Today, i've made cute little bag from box.

You will need:
* box ( u can use any box that your kids wants)
* glue
* scissor
* fabric
* felt
* ribbon

1. Make a pattern first.

2. Cut the box.

3. Copy the box to fabric. Cut it.

4. Stick fabric to the box.

5. Make a ribbon from felt. Stick on it.

6. Glued rainbow ribbon as a handle.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009


This week i made a caterpillar.. it's very easy to make..

You will need:
*construction paper/origami paper
*google eye

1. cut paper +/- 5cm.

2. Glued each colour, make a circle.

3. For the head, make it bigger than body.

4. Next, stick it all onto construction paper. And add grass.

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Unplugged Project - Petal Print

This week Unplugged project theme was petal. Actually, i made this petal project few days ago, but i was in hurry to upload the picture, so after i had my happy holiday tonight i'm gonna upload the picture.. :) i made 2 kinds of flower here..

My unplugged project this week was petal print. I plucked my moms frangipani to make this.

You will need :
* Paper
* Paint
* Beads
* Cotton
* wool yarn
* Glue

1. Print the petal onto paper.

2. Let dry.

3. Glued beads onto paper, put it at the centre flower.

4. I also glue cotton at the other paper.

5. Next, add peduncle with wool yarn. Add the leaf with wool yarn and scraps of fabric.

Now, i have 2 kinds of flower print...

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