Sunday, October 11, 2009

Little mermaid

When i ask the kids, what they want to draw they answered "i want to draw under the sea".
So i made this cute stationery case with under the sea picture. All the girls like to draw mermaid. But there's one boy who doesnt like a girly thing so he draw a shrimp.

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We're making city landscape. And make it like a desk calendar.
You will need:
*construction paper
*oil pastel

1. Draw a various square as a building. Add a window, a door and a roof in each square. Now they already draw the buildings.
2. Draw the sky. You can draw clouds, sun or a moon.
3. Cut out the buildings and clouds.
4. Before we glue the buildings. Get another paper, fold it to 3 part (like a desk calendar).
5. After that, glue them to the paper.

And voila.. now we have a city landscape. And we can place it on daddy desk. :)

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Saturday, October 10, 2009


This week is our Independence Day.. "Indonesia Merdeka" yeaa..."
So i tell the kids, that today we're gonna make a flag, although we're not making our flag country :p , but i tell the kids to draw their own flag. They are really excited. :)

After they make their own flag, we glued to strings, so they can hang their own flag at their room. And they're so proud of it... :0)

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