Friday, November 13, 2009

Little mermaid and her friends

I think, everygirl assuredly like mermaid. Just like i did ^_^
These 2 cute girls, begging me to teach them draw a mermaid, with her prince off course :D
So i make this prince and princess mermaid as a puppet. I cut in the middle paper and add a stick to the mermaid.

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Flip Flop

I got this really cute idea from here. To make this craft you will need :
* thin cardboard
* pipe cleaner

1. Trace kids flip flop onto cardboard, then cut out.
2. Paint the flip flop.
3. Poke 3 hole in each flipflop
4. Twist the pipe cleaner underside the flipflop. To make sure its strong, i add scotch tape.

Have a nice try.. :)

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