Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friday book project - ten little fish

Every week, this blog make a project called "friday book project". This week they talked about "ten little fish" book. Cos i don't have kids and i lived far away from America it's kinda hard to find this book at bookstore. So i just make this "ten little fish" without read the book. Sorry if the fish too big.. lol.. :D

You will need :
* paper
* scissor
* glue
* crayons
* paper cupcake

1. Cut paper cupcake like this to make fish shape.

2. Then colour it with watercolour.

3. Add an eye and motif with crayons.

Next we make background.

1. Make bubbles with white crayon.

2. Colour with watercolour. Wait a minute till it dry.

3. Stick the fish onto background.

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Your fish are great!

Thanks for linking:0)
u'r welcome sandy.. ^,^
Those are some kind of awesome! I think we'll have to try it here in Kentucky.

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