Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Owl paperplate

Today i make an owl paperplate.

You will need:
*shiny paper
*woll yarn

1. Draw an owl wings and feet with black crayon. Then cut inside wings, follow the line.

2. Cut shiny paper like this to make owl feather.

4. Glue shiny paper onto paperplate.

5. Coloured paperplate with crayons. Your kids can coloured with they favourite colour.

6. Cut the feet. Dont cut it all, it's just for the chopstick. Next, glued chopstick between the feet.

7. Tied up the woll yarn onto chopsticks. And give cellophane tape so the yarn will make a triangle like this.

8. Hang it in your room.....

Happy crafting.. ^__^ Pin It


waduuwww mbaaakk kayaknya kami yang begitu beruntung nih bisa ketemu blogmu! asiiiikkk sama2 suka bikin craft yaaaa... salam kenal ya mbak,.. blognya penuh informasi banget soal craft..:-D

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