Sunday, December 6, 2009

Line lesson 2 : Turtle

After we learn previous post, i told the kids that we're gonna make this lovely turtle full of line.
First we draw a big turtle. I'm not let the kids to use pencil, so they can draw it carefully, cos they know once they made a mistake, thay cant erase it. Then we make turtle shell, and fill it with various line that they recently learn. I get this idea from here.

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Line lesson

Since i teach the artpool, i realize i never teach this lesson to the kids. I think learning to make a line is very important for kids. They will know various line like zigzag, curly, diagonal, etc. And oh i got this really cool lesson from here. First, the kid think that this lesson gonna be bored them. But when they know they will color it with watercolor they get excited. After i teach this lesson, i make a turtle full of lines. Read my next post. :)

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Owl collage

This project is simple to make. Get the kids tear origami paper into long strips and then small squares. Draw an owl, a big one. Next, glue it onto paper. I got this idea from here.

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