Monday, August 3, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Thank you so much for
Story time and more
for giving me this honest scrap award

The "honest scrap award"
requires me to tell my readers
10 things about me that they may or may not know,
but are true and then pass it on to 10 more blogs

Here's my 10 tidbits about me:
1. I love everything bout kids
2. This"honest scrap"is my first award
3. My favourite movie ever is little mermaid
4. I collect children book, even i dont have a kids
5. I have an artpool every saturday & sunday
6. I also teach my kinders
7. Next month, i'll open kids rental book too :)
8. I graduated from textiles college
9.Me & my boyfriend, had a business together
10. I love everything bout disneyland
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Face Paperplate

This sunday, we're making face paperplate.
First colour the paperplate with watercolour.Draw the eye,nose and mouth. Before kiddos draw the face, i ask them "how do you feel today?" everyone says happy. So they draw a smiley face. To make hair, cut yarn about 10 inches and glued the yarn on to paperplate.

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How to draw a Cow

Today we learn how to draw a cow. I'm inspired by this site. The kids really enjoy while they learn how to draw a cow. It's very easy. Hope your kids enjoy to draw this, just like my pupil. :D

Today we learn how to draw a cow. I'm inspired by this site. Pin It

Bunny Face

"Bunny Face"

This week we make bunny face.
First, colour the background using watercolour. While wait till it dry, kids draw a bunny face and colour it with crayon. Next, cut the bunny face and stick onto background.
Kids love to hang their art in their room, so i decided to cut origami paper and stick at paper side so it will look like a frame.

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