Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rainbow Fish & Fish ice cream

Rainbow fish and Fish ice cream

Today we make rainbow fish and fish ice cream..
I'm inspired by this lovely blog.
To make this cute craft, you will need:
origami paper, ice cream stick, watercolour.

Draw a fish and cut out the middle of it. I cut it very carefully cos the kids draw too small.
Colour the paper for background and glued strips of origami paper to cover the entire fish cut out. While waiting the paper to dry, we make a fish ice cream. Kids really excited when they hear "fish ice cream". They coloured the cut out fish and add a stick.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fancy pencils

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Turtle & Jellyfish paperplate

"Turtle & jellyfish paperplate"

You will need:
* paper plate
* crepe paper
* watercolour

For turtle:
1.Cut into pieces crepe paper
2.Stick onto paperplate
3.Draw turtle's head and foot
4. Glue to paperplate

For jellyfish:
1.Cut in a half paperplate
2.Colour paperplate, add an eye

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"The blue sky"

Today, our art theme is sky. So we draws anything in the sky.
There's an airplane, butterfly, bees, birds.
You just need paper, crayon and watercolour.
First make a background, draw clouds with white crayon. Colour the blue sky with watercolour.
Next, draw anything your kids saw in the sky. Cut it, and stick onto background..

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Piggy bank


You'll need:
* paper
* used drink bottle
* crayon

1. Make a hole to put coin.
2. Draw an animal.
3. Cut out, stick to the bottle

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rainbow & Butterfly

You will need:
* Paper
* Chopstick
* Crepe paper
* Bubble wrap
* Fruit foam(usually to cover apple)

1. Cut bubble wrap and fruit foam into square shape. And colour it.

2. Draw butterfly. Next, put bubble wrap onto paper.

3. Cut butterfly, glued chopstick behind. And add crepe paper

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Alphabet A

Today is my first day i open an art pool. I teach some kids in my neighborhood.
It was so fun to teach them. We makes Alphabet A using crayon and watercolour. We also draw apple and flower too.. :0) Pin It
Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fish handprint

"Fish handprint"

Another handprint.. oh, i love handprint so much.. you just need a paper, paint and of course your hand.. ^__^
To make a fish handprint, paint your palm, middle and ring finger. Next, add an eye and fish mouth..

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Rabbit handprint

"Rabbit handprint"

Again, i love handprint soo much..
Paint your palm, forefinger and ring finger.
Print to paper, add a rabbit face..

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Turtle handprint

"Turtle handprint"

It's very easy to make. Just paint your palm and thumb with green colour. Next, add turtle pattern with light green and add turtle feet.

Happy Crafting.. :)
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