Friday, May 29, 2009

Buzz like a bee

Today i make a bee from plastic glass.

you will need:
* plastic glass
* newspaper
* tempera paint

1. Cover the glass with newspaper. Wait till it dry.

2. Next, paint it all with yellow and black colour.

3. Draw bees wings and head.

4. Glued head onto glass.

5. Glued wings onto glass.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Owl paperplate

Today i make an owl paperplate.

You will need:
*shiny paper
*woll yarn

1. Draw an owl wings and feet with black crayon. Then cut inside wings, follow the line.

2. Cut shiny paper like this to make owl feather.

4. Glue shiny paper onto paperplate.

5. Coloured paperplate with crayons. Your kids can coloured with they favourite colour.

6. Cut the feet. Dont cut it all, it's just for the chopstick. Next, glued chopstick between the feet.

7. Tied up the woll yarn onto chopsticks. And give cellophane tape so the yarn will make a triangle like this.

8. Hang it in your room.....

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Saturday, May 23, 2009


Today i make Mr.Froggy from used milk box. Actually, i was inspired by this lovely web.

You will need :
* used boxes
* tempera paint
* paper
* scissor
* glue

1. Open milk box.

2. Close with the reverse side. It makes easier when you paint it all.

3. Paint over the box with green.

4. Make an eye on a paper.

5. Stick the eye to the box.

6. Draw a nose, mouth and hands frog.

7. Draw frog feet.

8. Glued to the box.

Now, you can play with Mr.Froggy..

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Unplugged Project - Spiderweb card

This week unplugged project theme is "dark". I'm gonna make spiderweb card. It's very easy to make and your kids can give this card to their friend.

You will need :
* construction paper
* crayons
* play dough
* scissor
* glue

1. Cut costruction paper, fold in half.

2. Coloured with crayons white first and then black.

3. Next, scratch it and make a spiderweb.

5. Make a spider with play dough.

6. Give an outline. Let your kids choose what colour they like.

7. Stick the spider onto paper.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Unplugged Project - Sunflower

Unplugged Project - Sunflower

This week unplugged project theme is "Sun". Sunflower, is the first word that pop up into my brain. So i'm gonna make Sunflower pot.

You will need :
* Paper
* Leaf
* Poster colours
* Plastic Glass
* Ribbon
* Glue
* Scissors
* Chopstick
* Cotton
* Tissue

1. Print leaf onto paper.

2. Put watercolour into bowl, then put cotton into bowl.

3. Glued cotton onto sunflower

4. Cut it out.

5. Colour a chopstick.

6. Stick chopstick behind the sunflower. I'm using cellophane tape to make it easier.

7. Add some leafs.

8. Put tissue into plastic glass. Next, put the sunflower into glass. Add ribbon to make it sweeter.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friday book project - ten little fish

Every week, this blog make a project called "friday book project". This week they talked about "ten little fish" book. Cos i don't have kids and i lived far away from America it's kinda hard to find this book at bookstore. So i just make this "ten little fish" without read the book. Sorry if the fish too big.. lol.. :D

You will need :
* paper
* scissor
* glue
* crayons
* paper cupcake

1. Cut paper cupcake like this to make fish shape.

2. Then colour it with watercolour.

3. Add an eye and motif with crayons.

Next we make background.

1. Make bubbles with white crayon.

2. Colour with watercolour. Wait a minute till it dry.

3. Stick the fish onto background.

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Big teddy bear

Today, i made "big teddy bear" from used cd.

You will need :
* used cd
* paper
* glue
* watercolour

1. Stick cd onto paper.

2. Cut it out

3. Draw teddy bear head, hand and foot. Cut it.

4. Colour all teddy bear body part.

5. Stick head, hand and foot onto cd.

6. Add teddy bear eyes and mouth.

Now you have big big teddy bear...

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